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Price List

Price list for spa treatments

Basic Manicures £20.00
Includes cut, nail shaping and light cuticle care, oil, finish off with your choice of polish.

Essential Spa Manicures £25.00
The Spa Manicure includes all of the above, plus thorough cuticle care and a relaxing lotion massage with warm hand towels.

Exfoliating, Revitalizing & Rejuvenating (Anti Aging) Spa Manicures £48.00
Full classic spa manicure with fine sugar scrub treatment apply to exfoliate and remove all dry, flaky skin, then a layer of clay mask and skin smoother by Essie / OPI will apply to skin. These triple action Fruit derived leave skin silky smooth and fresh.

With Paraffin £10.00
This relaxing no-downtime treatment infuse skin with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of peptides, growth factors and protein.

Everlasting Manicures from £45.00-£48.00(French)
Includes a dry spa manicure, plus one of the best gel products in the world "BIO SCULPTURE GEL", it can last up to three weeks.

Shellac Manicures £40.00-£43.00(French)
The shellac manicure includes a spa manicure, finished off with your choice of shellac varnish. It can last up to two weeks.
If you have foot problem (Crack Heel, Dry Skin, Peel Skin) or nails problem (Ingrown, Fungal, Yellow, Lifted nails), rather go for surgery or taking prescription shot for your nails to relieve the pain, you can seek a better relaxation and cost effective treatment by calling us to arrange a free consultation appointment. We have several pedicure treatment packages plans with guaranty result and will improve the condition and the look of your feet and nails. You will be amaze to find out how the best manicure and pedicure works compound with profession products treatment that can make your hand and feet years younger.

Basic Pedicures £28.00
The-not-so-basic basic, includes nail cutting and shaping, light cuticle care, oil, foot exfoliation and a moisturising foot massage. Finish off with your choice of polish.

Essential Spa Pedicures £37.00-40.00(French)
The Spa Pedicure includes all of the above, plus thorough cuticle care, pumice bar, care for callused heels and ingrowing toe nails, and repair to damaged toe nails.

Luxury Spa Pedicure £50
The Nail Gallery custom pedicures: this luxurious pedicure is designed with you in mind, customised to address your specific needs. We pay very special attention to rough feet by thoroughly taking down calluses with a coarse foot file and pumice bar, you will also be treated with our special callus peel products, and of course, the Signature Pedicure includes everything from our Spa Pedicures as well.

Bio Sculpture Pedicures £50-£53(French)
includes a Spa Pedicure, plus one of the best gel products in the world "BIO SCULPTURE GEL", it is instantly dry and can last more than 4 weeks.

Shellac Pedicures £50-£53(French)
our Shellac Pedicure includes a Spa Pedicure, finished off with your choice of shellac varnish. It is an instantly dry pedicure and can last up to 4 weeks.

Revitalizing Spa Pedicure (90 min,)
(appointment only) £70
Full Spa pedicure, with Callus, Scrub, Mousse , mask and massage treatment will remove all dry, rough, crack heel, fungal, yellowish nails.( 3 treatment plans are recommended). Experiencing a whole new spa pedicure restores sloes with nature soothing and effective botanicals, include Tea tree oil, Grapefruit, Green Tea Extract, Avocado Lipid Complex, Vitamins E&A, Ultra-Hydrates with Shea Butter Extract Mask, and paraffin treatment. This treatment will exfoliate away callus and smooth dry, rough skin. Your feet will be refresh and re-energize to take on the new challenge.
No side affect to athlete foot, diabetes, no residue, no fragrance.

Full Set Nail Extensions (Creative Acrylics, Fibreglass) £60.00-65.00
We use the best and most well known products (CREATIVE ACRYLICS, BACKSCRATCHERS FIBRE GLASS SYSTEM). All our nail technicians are well trained and very experienced at their job.

Polish change (hands)£12.00
Polish change (feet) £15.00

File & polish (hands) £15.00
File & polish (feet) £18.00
CND shellac polish (hands) £30.00 + soak £5 extra
CND shellac polish (feet) £30.00 + soak £5 extra

Salon Services Provided
Basic Manicure £20.00
Spa Manicure £25.00
Luxury Spa Manicure £48.00
Basic Pedicure £28.00
Spa Pedicure £37.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure £50.00
Callus peel treatment £15.00
Basic Manicure and Basic Pedicure Package £45.00
Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure £60.00

Gentleman's Manicure £20.00
Gentlemen's Pedicure £35.00
Gentlemen's Pedicure with callus treatment £45.00

Shellac Manicure £40.00 + soak £3.00 extra
Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure £45.00
Shellac/Bio Sculpture Pedicure £50.00 + soak £3.00 extra
Shellac remover + Manicure £30.00
Shellac remover + Pedicure £42.00
Bio Sculpture Gel remover + Manicure £35.00
Bio Sculpture Gel remover +Pedicure £40.00
SNS Dipping Powder (hands) £40.00

Full set Acrylic Extension £60.00-£65.00
Full set Acrylic Overlay £55.00
Infill £45.00
Full set Gel Extension £60.00
Infill £45.00
Shellac color extra £10.00
Acrylic/Hard Gel remover only £15.00
Hand and Half Arm massage (30mins) £20.00
Feet massage (30mins) £30.00

Other Spa Treatment Services

⦁ Nail Art (per nail) £3.00
⦁ Shinny Buffer £5.00
Soak off only Shellac/Bio sculpture £10.00
⦁ Soak off only Acrylic/Hard gels £15.00
⦁ Paraffin treatment only (include 5min. massage) £15.00
⦁ Kids Manicure (under 10 yrs old) £14.00
⦁ Kids pedicure (under 10 yrs old) £14.00
For the little ones (10 years under), just like mum's Spa Manicure or Spa Pedicure, only smaller.
⦁ Spa Hand (skin) Treatment £15.00
⦁ Spa Feet (skin) Treatment £15.00
⦁ Spa Feet and half legs (skin) Treatment £25.00
⦁ Toe Nail Replacement £6.00-£10.00
⦁ Eye Lash Extensions from £40.00
* Eyebrow threading £12.00
* Lip threading £6.00
* Face threading £ 25.00

Lip waxing £8
Chin waxing £10
Lip and Chin waxing £16
Eyebrow wax £10
Nasal wax £6
Ear wax £6
Underarm wax £12
Half arm wax £18
Forearm wax £30
Half Leg wax £30
Full Leg wax £40
**Add a bikini wax to your leg wax treatment £14
Bikini wax £20
Brazillian wax £40
Hollywood wax £45
Chest or Back wax £35

Chest or Back wax £40
Back or Shoulder wax £45

EYEBROW TINT(Allow 15 minutes)
Frame your face with a natural - looking tint £15
Add an eyelash tint to our eyebrow appointment £13

DESIGNER BROWS (Allow 20 minutes)
A combination of shaping, tinting, threading and waxing is used
to create an enviable look £25

EYELASH TINT(Allow 20 minutes)
Bring out your eyes and make your natural lashes darker with a tint £18
Add an eyebrow tint to your eyelash appointment £10

EYELASH TINTING (Allow 20 minutes) £18
EYEBROW TINTING(Allow 15minutes) £15


Suitable for all skin types, this classic facial helps rid the skin of unwanted build-up of sebum, toxins, bacteria and skin cell debris.
the process includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction and a specialized mask with a relaxing facelift, scalp, neck and shoulder massage.
Your skin will look clearer, brighter and more radiant after just one treatment.

The Dermalogica range is not based on old fashioned skin typing, but on a unique system analysis. Dividing the face into fourteen distinct zones,
assessing individual problems and needs. Using inch-by-inch methodical analysis of the facial landscape allows the therapists to prescribe treatment
and homecare needs accurately.


This treatment is truly revolutionary because it is customized at every step by the skin care therapist, based on the face mapping analysis. A
combination of the following steps, according to your needs, may be expected: consultation, double cleansing, exfoliation, extraction,
massage and masque application.


This is the most powerful Dermalogica treatment for clients concerned with the signs of ageing on their skin. Ideal prematurely ageing,
dry, sun damaged and ageing skin that needs nourishment, regeneration and energizing. There are immediate visible results on the skin from using the multivitamin power system, Dermatoliga specialty contour masque and unique energizing massage techniques.


This treatment takes factors such as shaving habits into account to help prevent ingrowing hairs and other skin problems unique to men.
We'll start your treatment with a deep cleansing, followed by a smoothing exfoliation and extraction. We'll also help release tension with
a shoulder massage while your skin re-hydrates with a customized treatment masque.

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